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Hi Everyone!

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Since founding Soldano Custom Amplification 32 years ago, I’ve had to split my time between developing new products and operating a small business. I have reached a place in my life where I no longer wish to handle the business side of things and focus on what I enjoy most – designing and developing awesome amps and related products.

So, I’m excited to announce that I have teamed up with Boutique Amps Distribution to take Soldano to the next level. For many months now I have been seeking a company that can carry on my brand and Boutique Amps Distribution was the clear choice. They have the resources, talent, and passion to manufacture Soldano amps to the standard of quality both I and my customers expect, right here in California, USA. Together we will be bringing to life some of the products I have been wanting to make for a long time.

All of the products now listed on the website are no longer available.  We are working on a new site.  As announced at NAMM, we are going back to the drawing board in terms of product offerings and beginning where it all started, the SLO-100.  The new version of the SLO-100 and a new SLO-30 are now in the works.  We are also revamping all of our cabinets and working on a new version of the GTO pedal.  All of these changes will take some time and we will be posting progress regularly on our Facebook page.

Many thanks for honoring me all these years with your loyal support and I hope you continue to do so as I transition to this exciting new chapter of my life. Stay tuned – Soldano is about to get better than ever!

Best wishes for a Happy 2019,

Michael Soldano
Going to 11 since 1987!

Happy New Year 2013

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Can you believe 2013 is here already? We’ve got just a quick note to let you know what’s happening around Soldano Custom Amplification.

We’ve just posted a new Hot Rod 25 demo up on YouTube. Michael talks about the design and heritage of the amplifier and provides and extensive overview of the features. Check it out on YouTube, and subscribe to the channel for more updates in the future.

Last year we celebrated our 25th Anniversary here at Soldano and to commemorate that, we created the Soldano Hot Rod 25. This amazing sounding little amplifier draws its preamp circuitry from our legendary Soldano 100w Super Lead Overdrive. It has a unique power section which utilizes two 5881 power tubes and a filter choke in the power supply – two features usually found only in higher powered amps – that enable this compact 25 watt head to deliver much tighter bass and punchier low end than most other amps in its class. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at our  the new Hot Rod 25 here.

We’re on Facebook too. Dig it. There are tons of people already linked up with us on Facebook. Are you on board? Join the conversation on Facebook »

At the risk of going overboard with social media saturation, we’re also on Twitter @soldanoamps. Follow us!

Say Hello to Hot Rod 25, a Brand New Soldano Amplifier!

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Soldano Custom Amplification - Limited Edition - Silver Anniversary Hot Rod 25
It’s Silver Anniversary time! Yep, that’s right – on April 1st, 2012 Soldano Custom Amplification turned 25, celebrating a quarter century of building the world’s finest guitar amplifiers. To commemorate this occasion, we are pleased to introduce the Soldano Hot Rod 25. Just like the Hot Rod 50 Plus and Hot Rod 100 Plus, the preamp circuitry of the Hot Rod 25 is based on the legendary Soldano 100w Super Lead Overdrive. It has a unique power section which utilizes two 5881 power tubes and a filter choke in the power supply – two features usually found only in higher powered amps – that enable this compact little 25 watt head to deliver much tighter bass and punchier low end than most other amps in its class.

The Hot Rod 25 also features a tube-buffered, post master volume effects loop and effortless channel switching via foot switch between the Normal and Overdrive Channels. There are independent Preamp gain and Master Volume controls for each channel. Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence controls provide the tone shaping. A rotary Impedance selector switch allows for the use of 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker cabinets.

Check out the specs on the hot Rod 25.

Welcome to the new

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

As president and founder of Soldano Custom amplification, I’d like to thank you for your interest in Soldano products.  As you are most likely aware, Soldano amps are known as the best sounding, best built, and most versatile all-tube amplifiers that money can buy.  Innovative design, clean, timeless styling, and my relentless and uncompromising quest for the ultimate tone have earned our amplifiers this reputation.  Many of the world’s renowned guitar players have come to rely on Soldano products for their amazing tone.  In 1987, the Soldano 100w Super Lead Overdrive redefined and set a new mark for high gain tube amplification.  As can be witnessed by how often this design is copied and the number of digital models attempting to emulate the “Soldano Sound”, our mark of excellence still defines the quintessential hot guitar sound for the new millennium.

The 21st century has always held great promise.  In the 1950’s, everyone looked to the new millennium and assumed we’d be zipping around in our own personalized rocket ships and spending vacation time on the Moon and Mars or in underwater “bubble cities”.  When I was six years old, my hometown of Seattle hosted the 1962 World’s Fair, and I remember being there and taking in all of these futuristic technological dreams in wide eyed wonder.  Although, unfortunately, many of these things have not yet come to pass, there is no denying that technology has advanced exponentially in the last fifty or sixty years.  And though we have made great leaps forward in technology, there is something to be said for the past.  Things were made to last and there was a certain pride in craftsmanship.  That pride in craftsmanship is still alive and well here at Soldano Custom Amplification.  In a time when more and more manufacturers are sadly succumbing to the lure of quick profits promised by the “new economy” and “planned obsolescence”, I flatly refuse to go there.  As I see it, the model for this “new economy” is all about image and hype, and all too often product quality is compromised so that more money and effort can be pumped into the marketing machine, as well as fattening executives’ bonus packages.

At Soldano Custom Amplification, we choose to put our money into obtaining the best parts available and then spending the necessary time to carefully assemble these parts by hand to create the highest quality and most reliable guitar amplifiers possible.  Our attention to detail borders on the obsessive.  We don’t have an assembly line, nor do we subcontract subassemblies out to “developing nations”.  Every amp is crafted here in our shop in Seattle, and each is wired, start to finish, by one technician.  We stand by our products through the years and take big pride in all the great musicians who have chosen to play through our amps in this millennium and the last.

As you browse through this brand-new Web site, you will find pictures and descriptions of the products we currently offer.  There are also some tech articles and FAQs that you may find interesting.


Michael Soldano