Can you believe 2013 is here already? We’ve got just a quick note to let you know what’s happening around Soldano Custom Amplification.

We’ve just posted a new Hot Rod 25 demo up on YouTube. Michael talks about the design and heritage of the amplifier and provides and extensive overview of the features. Check it out on YouTube, and subscribe to the channel for more updates in the future.

Last year we celebrated our 25th Anniversary here at Soldano and to commemorate that, we created the Soldano Hot Rod 25. This amazing sounding little amplifier draws its preamp circuitry from our legendary Soldano 100w Super Lead Overdrive. It has a unique power section which utilizes two 5881 power tubes and a filter choke in the power supply – two features usually found only in higher powered amps – that enable this compact 25 watt head to deliver much tighter bass and punchier low end than most other amps in its class. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at our  the new Hot Rod 25 here.

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At the risk of going overboard with social media saturation, we’re also on Twitter @soldanoamps. Follow us!

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