Say Hello to Hot Rod 25, a Brand New Soldano Amplifier!

Soldano Custom Amplification - Limited Edition - Silver Anniversary Hot Rod 25
It’s Silver Anniversary time! Yep, that’s right – on April 1st, 2012 Soldano Custom Amplification turned 25, celebrating a quarter century of building the world’s finest guitar amplifiers. To commemorate this occasion, we are pleased to introduce the Soldano Hot Rod 25. Just like the Hot Rod 50 Plus and Hot Rod 100 Plus, the preamp circuitry of the Hot Rod 25 is based on the legendary Soldano 100w Super Lead Overdrive. It has a unique power section which utilizes two 5881 power tubes and a filter choke in the power supply – two features usually found only in higher powered amps – that enable this compact little 25 watt head to deliver much tighter bass and punchier low end than most other amps in its class.

The Hot Rod 25 also features a tube-buffered, post master volume effects loop and effortless channel switching via foot switch between the Normal and Overdrive Channels. There are independent Preamp gain and Master Volume controls for each channel. Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence controls provide the tone shaping. A rotary Impedance selector switch allows for the use of 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker cabinets.

Check out the specs on the hot Rod 25.

One Response to “Say Hello to Hot Rod 25, a Brand New Soldano Amplifier!”

  1. Eric Tripton says:

    Mike and Co., Well you guys have done it again with this amp!!! For those of us who hear nothing but first two-four Van Halen records, we want nothing more than the best! Being a torch holder for the SLO 100 for the past 22 yrs, I’m excited at the arrival of the Hot Rod 25! A competative little amp in the lower wattage world of amps. I am glad you guys are the ones who pivot the design around a lower plate voltage, made into a cutomer friendly box. Cheers, guys!!!

    Love n Hugs,
    Eric T. Tripton
    New Albany, Indiana

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