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As president and founder of Soldano Custom amplification, I’d like to thank you for your interest in Soldano products.  As you are most likely aware, Soldano amps are known as the best sounding, best built, and most versatile all-tube amplifiers that money can buy.  Innovative design, clean, timeless styling, and my relentless and uncompromising quest for the ultimate tone have earned our amplifiers this reputation.  Many of the world’s renowned guitar players have come to rely on Soldano products for their amazing tone.  In 1987, the Soldano 100w Super Lead Overdrive redefined and set a new mark for high gain tube amplification.  As can be witnessed by how often this design is copied and the number of digital models attempting to emulate the “Soldano Sound”, our mark of excellence still defines the quintessential hot guitar sound for the new millennium.

The 21st century has always held great promise.  In the 1950’s, everyone looked to the new millennium and assumed we’d be zipping around in our own personalized rocket ships and spending vacation time on the Moon and Mars or in underwater “bubble cities”.  When I was six years old, my hometown of Seattle hosted the 1962 World’s Fair, and I remember being there and taking in all of these futuristic technological dreams in wide eyed wonder.  Although, unfortunately, many of these things have not yet come to pass, there is no denying that technology has advanced exponentially in the last fifty or sixty years.  And though we have made great leaps forward in technology, there is something to be said for the past.  Things were made to last and there was a certain pride in craftsmanship.  That pride in craftsmanship is still alive and well here at Soldano Custom Amplification.  In a time when more and more manufacturers are sadly succumbing to the lure of quick profits promised by the “new economy” and “planned obsolescence”, I flatly refuse to go there.  As I see it, the model for this “new economy” is all about image and hype, and all too often product quality is compromised so that more money and effort can be pumped into the marketing machine, as well as fattening executives’ bonus packages.

At Soldano Custom Amplification, we choose to put our money into obtaining the best parts available and then spending the necessary time to carefully assemble these parts by hand to create the highest quality and most reliable guitar amplifiers possible.  Our attention to detail borders on the obsessive.  We don’t have an assembly line, nor do we subcontract subassemblies out to “developing nations”.  Every amp is crafted here in our shop in Seattle, and each is wired, start to finish, by one technician.  We stand by our products through the years and take big pride in all the great musicians who have chosen to play through our amps in this millennium and the last.

As you browse through this brand-new Web site, you will find pictures and descriptions of the products we currently offer.  There are also some tech articles and FAQs that you may find interesting.


Michael Soldano

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  1. Terry says:

    Hey Michael,

    Why don’t you offer a reverb o sonic head ?

    Or …. a Hot Rod 50 + with reverb ??

  2. Jim Dasher says:

    Hey Grem:

    How long has it been. I think the last time I ran into you was either at the Greenwood Car Show (I remember your purple, 5 window(?) coup) or at the Bremerton swap meet. You were with Rick Young, and I was with RD, when we ran into you guys. This was probably 15 years ago, at least.

    Last night I was over at a friend’s to watch the Hawk’s game. He was telling me about some new sound equipment he had just purchased last week. My friend used play in a local band, which they may be reviving. I asked him if he had every heard of Soldano amps. He thought he had, but wasn’t sure. So I told him I would do a little research to see if you were still manufacturing.

    I “googled” your name and came across you website. Nicely done! I’ll give him your contact information. There may be some future interest on his part.

    Also, I just wanted to say hello. Glad to see you are still in business.
    With this current economic climate, it can be a real challenge, to say the least.

    A little off the subject, do you ever run into Rick Young? If by chance you see him, tell him I would like to get my brass cannon back. Twenty-five, or so, years ago he was going to drill out the barrel for me, and it just kind of got forgotten. You know Rick, he has the best of intentions, but sometime the ol’ follow through is a little lacking. I would contact him myself, but I don’t know to get a hold of him. If you see him, great, if not, no big deal.

    Enjoyed your website! Do you ever give “tours” of your biz?

    Well, here’s to continued good luck with your business! Hope to run into you again, sometime.


    Jim Dasher,
    Spectrum Graphics

    Tel.: 425.774.0170
    Cell: 206.8507440
    Email: rii.jed@gmail.com

  3. Dear Mike

    As Guitarist from the only “DIRE STRAITS Project” (DSP) here in Austria, I´m very proud to play this gigs with a SOLDANO ROS-50 REVERB-O-SONIC Combo. This amp sounds so unbelieveable, that I´ll never gonna play another amp in the future – for sure ! A little input to you from my part: I replaced the Eminence Legend Speakers against two CELESTION ALNICO BLUE`S and I use Russian GENALEX GOLD LION KT-66 – the result is JUST AMAZING – This sound is really 3D and the best Sound I´ve ever heard !!! So many Guitarist ask me, wich gear I use for my incredible Sound …. By the time I´ll purchase a second ROS-50 – hope I can contact YOU in this case ? – In my homepage under “equipment” you can see my ROS-50 ! All the best for you and keep on building so great amps ! Cordial Mandy

  4. mjsoldano says:

    Hi Terry,

    We actually did build some custom Reverb-O-Sonic heads for Lou Reed. However, the cabinets had to be made quite tall in order for the reverb tank to be located far enough away from the power transformer to avoid noise issues. When the project was all done, I thought for a moment about whether to offer the Reverb-O-Sonic head as a production offering. In the end, I felt that most players would take issue with the size and weight of the head cabinet, so I never pursued it any further. For Lou, the largeness of the heads was not a problem because he was running them on top of 4×12 cabinets.

    All of that said, if you would like to have a Reverb-O-Sonic head for yourself, we’d be happy to build one for you – after all, “Custom” is our middle name!

  5. Mike Rygiewicz says:

    Hello Mike,

    It is great to see the new web site ! I continue to use my Soldano’s in every project I’m involved with. Because of my severe GEAR ADDICTION, I currently have 3 -SLO’s and a 100 Watt EL-34 equiped Avenger. Do I really need all of them ? No, and if my wife ever gets a clue of the investment, I’m afraid I will have to move ! The point is, I love these amps, and I do use them all. By setting up my SLO’s with various ranges of pre-amp tubes, I have been able to coax everything from burly snapping tele driven clean country tones, to the industries best high gain drive and everything in bettween. I am hopefull that you will continue to build these beaufiful tanks well into the future, keep em comming !!!!!!

  6. The Lucky 13 has been my main touring amp for 10 years now. Fantastic amp, fantastic company.

  7. Jay Mccorquodale says:

    I recently got a 44 combo..nice low serial number too..I love the light weight,power,punch and attitude this gem has.cheers

  8. Russell Carne says:

    Hello Mr Soldano…

    Bring back the X88 & X99’s please please, racks are alive and well…

    I have just picked up a series II SP77 and love it next is the hunt for a used x88 if I dont get my wish for a new batch I cannot be the only one out there that wants one or two

    Great products

    Kind regards

    Russell Carne

  9. Julian says:


    I just received my Astroverb WOW!
    This combo really torn, thank you for the quality, service.
    Keep it up, thank you Mick, thank you Soldano amp

    The AMERICAN thank you. In France there is nothing for music, if amps shit under the logos of big firms LOL!

    Rock’n’roll, best regards

  10. I bought my Soldano SLO 100 YEAR 1992. THE USE EVERY DAY, 2012 And now perfect, great amp, Congratulations Mike.

  11. Bi there, I recently purchased a Reverb-O-Sonic from Brisbane in Australia and have previously had a Hot Rod 50 with Quad box. I am yet to be impressed by my recent purchase. The clean channel has no bass push at all. It sounds “thin” as does the crunch channel (although more warmth on the crunch). Could you help me with some suggestions with the settings perhaps or anything else I could try?? Many thanks.

  12. Guitarski says:


    Could anyone give me a ball park estimate of the date of the serial number AV734-H (Astroverb 16)? Is it 2010 or more recent?

    To Lindon: I tested my Soldano at the shop today and it sounded lousy on one cab and great on another. It sounds great clean on my own old 4×12, but bad with the crunch turned up and not so good on my Carvin 2×12 either, so I will certainly need to find the right cabinet (any suggestions, anyone?). Could your issue be a cab thing too?

  13. Dear Mike and Bill, I am quite young, I play a X-99 in a multi-preamp system (I proudly own also a GTO) and everytime I switch into the X-99 the drummer tells me: What a great tone! 🙂 I felt in love with it since the very first note I played in it! Keep on crafting your amp “in house” always hunt for quality!

  14. Ufuk Özkan says:

    I just bought a soldano hotroad 50(not plus). There are two speaker outputs in the back and when i choose 8ohm do i get 8ohm for each one or 4+4ohm ? I have two 8ohm’s and 60 watt total herritage marshall speaker. Can you tell me the best cable connection system to get the best quality in low volume ? Best regards.

  15. Terry L Perry says:

    Hello Mike Soldano

    Is there a market for HR25 Combo?

    I hope so.

    I would buy one.


  16. Hi! I bought a Soldano Hot Rod 50. I need more volume in guitar solo. What pedal booster can I use in the effect loop?
    I have two guitar cabinet 4*12 (8ohms each) I put de impedance selector in de back panel amp in 4ohms?

    Thanks from Argentina!

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